Saturday, August 29, 2015

Def $entence - Suicide Kingz Mixtape Vol. 1

We are Def $entence! This is raw Philly Hip Hop freestyle rappin', one take, one mic, one mixer with a bunch of instrumental beats. This was recorded in HiPPYCREEP's basement on cassette tape. We smoked a bowl of that good and started rappin'. This may not be the best Hip Hop in the world but it is true to everything that Hip Hop represents. We just had some fun and hopefully y'all will enjoy this! PEACE!

01 Iller Than Ill
02 It Don't Matter If We Perfect
03 Reminiscing Of A Young Buck
04 Miami Ice
05 Definition Of
06 Free Eggrolls (Feat. M.C. Fried Rice)
07 It's Like That
08 I Hear U Man I Hear U
09 Smokin' Trees
10 That's Where We From Y'all (Beatbox)
11 Leroy and Bubba (Interlude)
12  Tijuana Marijuana


released 29 August 2015

Def $entence is:

Liq Pesci

Beats: MF DOOM - Metal Fingers Special Herbs 
You can find Def $entence on Bandcamp and Facebook

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