Thursday, February 16, 2012


While on a musical journey to discover some new music I found NASTY HUSTLER RECORDS, which is guided by the famous DON DIZZLE. The FREE mixtape is banging and has some of the hottest beats around. Don Dizzle is CEO of Nasty Hustler Records and there are alot of cats on this label putting together some HOTT shit. Do yourself a favor and download a FREE copy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you dig the CALI hip hop vibe like Shwayze, Mickey Avalon or Dirty Nasty. Then you are definitely gonna dig this shit. Do it now and like them on Facebook.


  • 1.Don,Drew,ian,king,Spencer-The beast (prod by spencer bonds) download
  • 2.Drewskii,Don,Ian-Champion (prod by spencer bonds)
  • 3.SpencerDylan Bonds-California Terrorist(prod by dylan bonds)
  • 4.Don,King,Ian-Killa(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 5.King H,Don dizzle-Look at this(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 6.Drewskii,Don dizzle-Religion(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 7.Don,Drewskii,Spencer-That feeling(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 8.SpencerDylan Bonds-FireFighter Flow(prod by dylan bonds)
  • 9.Drewskii,Don,Ian-Thats how it goes (prod by spencer bonds)
  • 10.Drewskii,King h,don,spencer-So sweet(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 11.Don,Drewskii,Spencer,NasParty like tonights the end(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 12.King handsome,Spencer-Gaterades my chaser(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 13.Ian,Spencer,King h-Dont step on these(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 14.Spencer,Ian,Drewskii-Follow me (prod by spencer bonds)
  • 15.Don,Ian,King H,Drew-The vibe (prod by spencer bonds)
  • 16.Spencer Bonds,Drewskii,King handsome-Stogies(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 17.Dylan,don,Ian-Dipset(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 18.Spencer Bonds,Ian scott-Hustler(prod by spencer bonds)
  • 19.Drewskii,Spencer-Final song(prod by spencer bonds)

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