Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grateful Dead - Dead Family Jewels - Mix I-V

Dead Family Jewels is a mix of Grateful Dead and Grateful Dead Family related songs. Featuring tracks by the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and many others. I am a fan and this is for the fan's. Each track is cross-faded into one another to create an listening experience so that it plays like an album. This was a live recording so their is some flaws. But I think you will enjoy. So take a trip, let your mind go free and shake them bones.

 You can also take a listen on my soundcloud - all tracks mixed by HiPPYCREEP


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Def $entence - Suicide Kingz Mixtape Vol. 1

We are Def $entence! This is raw Philly Hip Hop freestyle rappin', one take, one mic, one mixer with a bunch of instrumental beats. This was recorded in HiPPYCREEP's basement on cassette tape. We smoked a bowl of that good and started rappin'. This may not be the best Hip Hop in the world but it is true to everything that Hip Hop represents. We just had some fun and hopefully y'all will enjoy this! PEACE!

01 Iller Than Ill
02 It Don't Matter If We Perfect
03 Reminiscing Of A Young Buck
04 Miami Ice
05 Definition Of
06 Free Eggrolls (Feat. M.C. Fried Rice)
07 It's Like That
08 I Hear U Man I Hear U
09 Smokin' Trees
10 That's Where We From Y'all (Beatbox)
11 Leroy and Bubba (Interlude)
12  Tijuana Marijuana


released 29 August 2015

Def $entence is:

Liq Pesci

Beats: MF DOOM - Metal Fingers Special Herbs 
You can find Def $entence on Bandcamp and Facebook

Sunday, August 16, 2015

DIRT WEED REVUE - LIVE: Upstairs @ Kung Fu Necktie - Phila, PA 10/30/14

 DIRT WEED REVUE is a full blown improvisational heavy psychedelic band. I try to see them play every chance I get. Unfortunately, I was not at this gig. But I got to listen to this performance at Cobra Dan's Burrito Fest while passing around the peace pipe at the Cobra Den. Cobra Dan sent me a link to listen to this HEAVY JAM and allowed me to post it on my blog as a FREE download. What you are about to hear is some heavy duty free form jazz rock psychedelic explosion that does not stop blowing your mind for 17 minutes. Cobra Dan plays prepared guitar that constantly creates swirling sounds of noise created by guitar and screw driver. You may also know him as Dan Cohoon, photographer, blogger, and bands like Empty Shapes, Moral Crayfish and many others. The mighty master behind the drums is the incredible Scott Verrastro. You may know him from bands like Kohoutek, Kuschty Rye Ergot, The Ultimate Vag and many others. They have a revolving set of local musicians who sit in time to time creating a different experience each time they play. If you crave heavy psychedelic music and need to feed your head then download this and enjoy this piece of psychedelic madness!

Kung Fu Necktie

Dirt Weed Revue

Dan Cohoon

Scott Verrastro


Saturday, August 15, 2015

BARDO POND - LIVE @ The Key Studio Sessions WXPN 88.5 02.04.15

BARDO POND - LIVE @ The Key Studio Sessions WXPN 88.5 - 02.04.15

1. Kali Yuga Blues
2. Taste
3. Red Curtains
4. Untitled
5. Await The Star (The Stars Behind)

The mighty Bardo Pond has done it time and time again. They have been doing this for years. WXPN and the Key Studio Sessions recognizes that Bardo Pond is one of Philly's finest psychedelic bands. Not only are they the finest Philadelphia psychedelic band they are the best. Their sound penetrates dimensions and opens doors in your mind that you didn't know existed. Through the swirling sounds of psychedelia created by Michael and John Gibbons, Clint Takeda and Jason Kourkounis, you will find the Bardo behind the Bardo you will find the Pond and within the Pond you will find the peace within that is centered around Isobel Sollenberger and her mystical flute. I attempt to see Bardo Pond every chance I get. They are some of the nicest folks I ever met. So, download this jam, sit back and relax. And if you can look behind the walls of your mind you might find the BARDO POND waiting for you!

Also check out some amazing Bardo Pond photography at and by Dan Cohoon AKA Cobra Dan


Read the article at


PORT RICHMOND BLUES - This is my very first release. I have been jamming for years and never released any official music. I recorded jams on cassette tapes but nothing ever seemed to take off. I became unmotivated and kind of gave up on playing music. It wasn't until recently I decided to break out a video recording of a block party performance to show my friend Dan Cohoon. Dan, told me I should release this and call in Port Richmond Blues in honor of the late great Jack Rose. I felt inspired again and thought, yes, I should. I pulled the audio from the DVD with very little editing in an attempt to keep that analog sound. I hope you enjoy. Please give me feedback so I can work on more material and perform somewhere in Philly. Thanks to all! Peace Love and Vibrations ----- HiPPYCREEP

This was recorded LIVE at block party at 2627 Monmouth Street in Port Richmond on 09/23/06. I lived at this address for 10 years. Port Richmond is a small neighborhood located in Philadelphia. I opened up the set with some early acoustic sounds. Two improv tracks and one written "Rainbow Runs With The Night". Later in the afternoon I fucked around with the electric and played selections of some things I was working on at that time. The track by MUDWATER was a short lived band that myself and a good friend of mine, Shawn Davis, were trying to get off the ground. We wrote one song "Never Gonna Get It" and this was our one and only performance.

This entire performance is complete with the sounds of city life including neighbors talking, kids yelling and the filmmaker adding his own commentary for the film. Please enjoy!

1. Port Richmond Blues > Rainbow Runs With The Night > Sun Raga

2. Polly (Nirvana Cover) > Improvico > Cyanide > In Your Mind (You Get High) > MUDWATER (Never Gonna Get It) > Acid Suite: Help Me > Not Fade Away > Stirring The Sense Of Time


Video Recording/Audio by Richard Stankiewicz AKA Spunky - Thanks Brotha

Special thanks to my wife Lisa McBride who has always been a big supporter of my music

Thanks to Dan Cohoon AKA Cobra Dan - Dan is an extremely talented photographer and musician - check out his photos at and his music at

Thanks to Shane Razzi for allowing me to use his mic and amp!