Saturday, October 12, 2013

HIPPYCREEP presents....In The Arms Of The Witch

"A HIPPYCREEP HALLOWEEN COLLECTION"'s the witching hour and all the children are asleep. Then, suddenly you awake, the witch is at your feet. She opens her arms to let you in and the madness begins.......

01 Open Wide the Gates - The Lords of Salem
02 Season Of The Witch - Vanilla Fudge
03 Witches And Ghosts - Haunted House Music Co.
04 Song of the Witches - S. J. Tucker
05 She's My Witch - The Fuzztones
06 Witches Boogaloo - The Sugarman 3
07 The Witch Queen Of New Orleans - Redbone
08 Candace, Queen of Witchcraft - Wooden Wand, The Omen Bones Band
09 White Witch Of Rose Hell - Coven
10 Witches, Witches, Witches - Andrew Gold
11 You Must Be A Witch - The Fuzztones
12 The Blair Witch Project "Trailer"
13 The Lords Theme - John 5 & Griffin Boice
14 Witch's Hammer - Zoroaster
15 Witch Hunt - Kittie
16 Witches Garden - Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
17 Bewitched Feat. Lady Nogrady - Blood On The Dance Floor
18 Burn, Witch, Burn! - Batlord
19 The Witch - The Fuzztones
20 Witches' Rune - S. J. Tucker
21 Witches brew
22 Season of The Witch - Mike Bloomfield with Al Kooper & Stephen Stills
23 Lord Hear Us - The Lords of Salem



Marie McBride said...

I didn't have this one so I am getting it now. Marie

DJ Robb said...

Any chance you can repost an upload link? I'd love to get this,


DJ Robb, the link should be fine, try and download it again